Other Health Disabilities Technical Assistance Tip

Student Observation Guide

A student observation is a required and significant part of a special education evaluation when the Other Health Disabilities (OHD) categorical area is being considered. The observation must be conducted by a licensed special education teacher.

If your local education agency is developing a student observation sheet, consider the following as possible items to document:

· Observation time, such as 8:10 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.
· Name and signature of observer.
· Did the student arrive on time?
· What was the subject and/or activity during the observation?
· How many minutes did the student pay attention to the teacher?
· Did the student answer any questions?
· Did the student ask any questions?
· Did the student distract any classmates or the teacher?
· How quickly did the student begin the activity or assignment?
· How many minutes did the student concentrate on the activity or assignment? Was the student tired, sick or bored?
· How many minutes did it take the student to find activity or assignment materials, such as page in book, paper and pencil? Was the student disorganized or unsure of what was needed?
· Did the student actively participate in a group activity? If not, why not?
· Describe the student’s effort and motivation.
· Did the student leave early? If so, why?