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Important Information on Law Requiring MCA Scores Be Used for Course Placement

Superintendents, charter directors and high school principals please take note! Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments scores will soon be used in determining course placement at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. A student’s MCA score could potentially save them significant money by demonstrating that they do not need to take non-credit bearing developmental courses. Read full announcement and share this information with staff so they are aware of this new law and its potential benefits.

For additional information or questions about this, please contact mde.testing@state.mn.us.

Mathematics Career and College Readiness (CCR) and Use of High School MCA Scores by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.30 indicates that Minnesota State Colleges and Universities may use high school MCA reading and mathematics scores to assist in determining course enrollment by the 2018-2019 school year.

An analysis has been conducted by Minnesota State to identify the scores to be used.

· Students who are at or above an identified score are expected to be able to successfully complete credit-bearing coursework without the need for remediation at a two- or four-year college or university, or other credit-bearing postsecondary program. These students must not be required to take a remedial, noncredit course in the corresponding subject area.
· Student scores below the identified score indicate that the student’s performance is not on track to meet career and college readiness, and additional information is necessary for course enrollment.

The table below shows the course type and scores identified by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Intended Course of Enrollment (or equivalent)

Enrollment in Developmental Course Unless Additional Information Indicates Otherwise

Need More Information on Readiness

Enrollment in College Level Course

College Algebra

1151 and below


1158 and above


1145 and below


1148 and above

Other mathematics

1145 and below


1150 and above

Reading Intensive

1041 and below


1047 and above

To support districts in this monitoring, student progress scores for grades 3–8 and student career and college readiness (CCR) scores for grades 10 and 11 are provided for reading and mathematics on Individual Student Reports (ISRs) and District and School Student Results (DSR and SSR) files. Goal scores have been established for both student progress scores and student CCR scores to compare whether students are on track to pass a college entrance exam by the end of grade 11.

MDE will continue to include a high school Career and College Readiness Score for grade 10 reading and grade 11 mathematics MCA. A student whose MCA score is at or above the Career and College Readiness Score is on track to demonstrate career and college readiness in reading or mathematics on a college admissions test at the end of grade 11.