Districts, Schools and Educators

Comprehensive Support

Schools identified for comprehensive support receive ongoing onsite technical assistance from the Regional Centers of Excellence, coordinated with the school’s district. This support is customized based on the school’s context, student population, and specific needs. There are two ways for schools to be identified for comprehensive support.

The lowest 5 percent of Title I schools.

A Title I school is any school that receives funds from Title I, Part A, of ESSA. Minnesota uses the three-stage process to separately identify the lowest 5 percent of Title I elementary schools, Title I middle schools, and Title I high schools.

A school is in the lowest 5 percent of Title I schools for its grade span if it displays low overall performance in indicators across all three stages. This is illustrated in more detail in the School and District Accountability: Comprehensive Support Identification training module.

High schools with four-year graduation rates below 67 percent.

Any public high school, whether or not it is a Title I school, with a four-year graduation rate below 67 percent overall or for any student group is also identified for comprehensive support.