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Migrant Programming

Background Information

Migrant children come to the migrant education program (MEP) with many assets such as bilingualism and cultural adaptability, among others. They also arrive facing language, cultural, social, health, transportation and educational barriers resulting from the mobility of the migrant lifestyle. Migratory students are also at a higher risk of dropping out of school.

The Educational Role of the MEP

Considering all of the barriers migratory children face, it is the MEP’s role and responsibility to develop and implement engaging programming that effectively addresses Minnesota’s measurable program objectives (MPOs), state content and English language development standards, and credit recovery requirements, during a short-term summer program.

The Minnesota MEP

The Minnesota MEP offers programming in several districts in the regions of the state most populated by families identified as qualifying for migrant education services. The programs run each summer for about six to eight weeks, depending on the site. The MEPs use innovative instructional strategies that not only engage students but also meet the MPOs and educational standards expected of all students. Some ways programs achieve this goal include bringing in outside guests to train staff or guest educators to make the curriculum come to life. Field trips and service-learning projects connect the classroom to real life experiences. Incorporating technology puts the world at students’ fingertips.

Community Resources

Minnesota Migrant Education Resource Center (MMERC)

LEGO Robotics – available through MMERC’s online catalog (click on “Midwest Migrant Education Resource Center” to access the catalog)

Classroom Energizers – University of Minnesota Extension

The Sheridan Story – organization fighting child hunger

Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota – Promote healthy living, learn lifelong skills, free resources

Suggested Web Resources

Colorín Colorado: Migrant Students: What we need to know to help them succeed

Education World: Meeting the Needs of Migrant Students

National Education Association: Working with Migrant Students

NASDME – National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education

MinneTESOL – professional association of teachers of English as a Second Language in Minnesota and neighboring states dedicated to the education and support of students acquiring English at all levels of public and private education.

Additional Minnesota Department of Education Resources

Supporting Migratory Children who are English Learners

Migrant Secondary Manual – PDF (contact Lidibette Guzman for a copy)

Updated 6-21-2018