Districts, Schools and Educators

Supervisor of Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) Coordinator

What do I need to know and do?

Ed-Fi is coming. Support your MARSS coordinator and Information Technology Director in dealing with the vendor. Minnesota school districts will be invited to report MARSS data through Ed-Fi beginning in school year 2019-20. (Five school districts are piloting portions of the system in 2018-19.) Implementation will continue in year 2020-21, when 90 percent of Minnesota school districts should report all MARSS data using Ed-Fi and the first benefits will be seen. By 2022-23, all Minnesota school districts should be fully on board.

The MARSS Coordinator and technology staff will need time to attend training, learn the new system, understand and communicate with stakeholders, and implement changes. Please support them in managing other responsibilities and getting access to the people and resources they need to successfully lead your district through these changes.

Help think about other systems, besides your Student Information System (SIS), that may be involved.

What are the potential benefits to me?

Once fully implemented, school districts will benefit from cost savings from reduction in redundancy, reduction in labor hours, and improved data quality.

Ed-Fi provides better ways for educators to connect with the data to improve student learning. At the state and school district level, Ed-Fi is a tool that integrates data from multiple systems and makes it open and accessible to all with security access in more real time. It is designed to increase interoperability of data systems. Read about other benefits and success stories in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska and Arizona (https://www.ed-fi.org/success-stories/).