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Competitive Grant Opportunities from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE)

Welcome to MDE’s competitive grants site. Here you will find a link to all of the active grant opportunities offered by MDE. Please select individual competitive grant opportunities to view the instructions and corresponding grant documents for that grant. Also included is a link to the Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS) archive. Once we have concluded accepting applications for a grant opportunity, we will also archive that opportunity on this site, following our data retention policies.

Recovery Program Request for Approval

  • We are now accepting the request for approval form for the Recovery Program for FY22-FY23 . The completed form must be received by August 8, 2021.

Active Competitive Grant Opportunities

Below are the active competitive grant opportunities. Once the application due date has passed, the opportunity and all of its attachments will be moved to the archive. Please note that this page is only for competitive grants offered by the Minnesota Department of Education. All formula grants are still found on the Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS) website.

Competitive Grant Opportunities


Grants in FY19 and Earlier

Documentation for grant opportunities offered in FY19 or earlier can be found on the archived grants page on our former grants site, including instructions, applications, budgets, and question-and-answer documents. The School Safety Grant offered in the fall of 2018 is available on the new Competitive Grant Archive page linked in the next section.

Grants in FY20 and Later

Grant opportunities offered in FY20 and later can be found on our new archive page. Information on this page includes instructions, application, assurances, budgets, question-and-answer documentation, and webinar information (if applicable) for each grant opportunity. Please note, opportunities that are archived are no longer open for application.