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SEL Classroom Resources

  • inspirED Educator Toolbox. This toolbox provides a series of learning events that will help educators practice emotional intelligence skills, apply relationship building strategies in classrooms, and implement emotional intelligence practices in schools.
  • iSEL: Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning. This online tool provides a series of online modules that will help educators understand and implement SEL in classrooms.
  • Supporting and Responding to Behavior: Evidence-Based Classroom Strategies for Teachers. This website summarizes evidence-based, positive, proactive, and responsive classroom behavior intervention and support strategies for teachers. These tools can help teachers capitalize on instructional time and decrease disruptions, which is crucial as schools are held to greater academic and social accountability measures for all students.
  • Social and emotional learning activities. This website provides lesson plans and activities for various grade levels that address the five social and emotional competencies.

Culturally Responsive SEL Resources

  • Understanding Implicit Bias: What Educators Should Know. This article provides an overview of what is a part of the unconscious mind and how that influences ways we interact with others. It also discusses how implicit bias shows itself in education, as well as strategies to mitigate the effects of implicit bias.
  • Learning to Walk in Another’s Shoes. This article provides action steps to help educators develop social perspective with their students.
  • How Discrimination Shapes Parent-Teacher Communication. This article from The Atlantic focuses on a research study that demonstrates that a child’s race influences how teachers communicate with parents about behavior.
  • 5 Keys to Challenging Implicit Bias. This article provides four strategies teachers can use to reduce implicit bias with their students.
  • Diversity Toolkit: Cultural Competence for Educators. This webpage provides five basic cultural competence skill areas, including valuing diversity, being culturally self-aware, the dynamics of difference, knowledge of students’ culture, and institutionalizing cultural knowledge and adapting to diversity. It also provides strategies for culturally responsive teaching.
  • The Influence of Cross-Cultural Experiences and Location on Teachers’ Perceptions of Cultural Competence. The results of this study highlight the importance of cross-cultural experiences in the development of cultural competence and the importance to institutions of higher learning for understanding the cross-cultural experiences typical of the locations from where they draw their students. This resource provides insight into how much, on average, cultural competence and experience new teachers bring to their practice.
  • The Teaching Tolerance Webinar Series. This video provides resources to help teachers increase their capacities for culturally responsive teaching.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching & the Brain. This 45-minute podcast, hosted by the author of the book, “Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain,” explains what culturally responsive teaching is, what it isn’t, and how to bring the systems change work needed to include this type of pedagogy in your school or district. In the podcast, the author tackles elements from her book and gives practical examples for teachers and leaders to begin implementing the culturally responsive teaching mindset.

SEL Parent Resources

  • Parenting Cue Cards provide common parenting challenges parents might face with their children involving various social and emotional issues and ways to address those challenges.
  • Free downloads about SEL activities. Includes materials for teachers to share with families, activities to use in the classroom and sample lesson plans.
  • SEL for Parents is an informational video—created by CASEL and Chicago Public Schools—for parents on social and emotional learning (SEL). The video aims to inform parents on SEL in schools and provide them with insights on SEL into their own parenting practices, so they can support their children’s social and emotional know-how.
  • EQ 101 for Parents is an online module that parents use to understand what SEL is and ways to support SEL.