Schools and Organizations (MDE-ORG)

The Minnesota Department of Education-Organization Reference Glossary (MDE-ORG) is a searchable database. It includes a variety of Minnesota school, district and education-related organization directories.

Users can generate files using search parameters that can be used to create listservs, mailing lists, and more. Historical information on districts and schools, including the names and terms of administration staff, can also be found here. You may also find districts or organizations listed by region, such as city or legislative district. Tagged collections allow you to filter for school or district type, such as Alternative Learning Centers or Higher Education institutions.

Enter MDE-ORG site to get started!

MDE-ORG Welcome Video

Note: Specific instructions for using this database are available as you navigate the site.

This database replaces the former “Contact List - Schools and Organizations” previously available on this page. Don’t see something you need? Please use the Report Problem link found on each page inside MDE-ORG.

The system was funded by a federal American Reinvestment and Recovery Act grant.