Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC)

Vision and Mission Statement of the Governor’s Interagency Coordinating Council

The Vision and Mission statements of the Governor’s Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) was discussed at the June 2014 retreat of the ICC. Suggested revisions were discussed and adopted at the July 2014 meeting of the ICC and subsequently voted on and approved.

Vision Statement (Why):

Eligible young children ages birth to five are active, successful participants in their homes and in their communities. Families possess the capacity to meet the developmental and social emotional needs of their children.

Mission Statement (How/what):

The mission of the Minnesota Interagency Coordinating Council on Early Childhood Intervention is to advise and assist the Department of Education in collaboration with other agencies and community partners in the development and implementation of a comprehensive system of integrated services.

To accomplish this, the ICC will:

· Advise and assist the Minnesota Department of Education in the preparation of federally required applications and reports.
· Evaluate policies and procedures including the identification or eligible children ages birth to five and public awareness activities.
· Ensure that a interagency system of comprehensive services is available and accessible to all eligible children and their families.