Minnesota State Interagency Committee (MnSIC)

Strategic coordinated planning efforts across home, school and community have a big impact on the success of children and youth with disabilities and their families. The Minnesota State Interagency Coordination (MnSIC) system planning initiative helps local school and county boards establish a coordinated service system to support these efforts.

The MnSIC initiative brings seven state public agencies -- the Minnesota Departments of Education, Employment and Economic Development, Commerce, Corrections, Health, Human Rights, and Human Services -- together to make needed policy changes to reduce duplication of local efforts, improve local response to the needs of children and families, and develop and implement a coordinated, multidisciplinary service system for children ages three through 21 with disabilities.

MnSIC's objectives include developing guidelines for the initiative, coordinating evaluation and assessment of children with disabilities, evaluating the success of state and local efforts and identifying and developing a common, standardized written plan for children and youths with disabilities.

  •  - 6/13/14
    Contact information.
  • Interagency Coordination of Mental Health and Transition Services in Minnesota Public Schools - 12/17/13
    June 2012 report
  • About MnSIC - 11/22/11
    An overview of the MnSIC initiative including objectives and timelines.
  • Clarification on Coordinated Interagency Services System - 11/15/11
    General supervision responsibilites for state agencies, school and county boards in developing service systems for children with disabilities.