Nonpublic Education Council

Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.445, establish that the Minnesota Nonpublic Education Council shall advise the commissioner on issues affecting nonpublic education and nonpublic schools.

In addition, the commissioner may delegate recognition of agencies that accredit nonpublic schools for purposes of reduced reporting requirements under the Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Law to the Nonpublic Education Council.  “The council may recognize educational accrediting agencies, for the sole purpose of sections 120A.22, 120A.24, and 120A.26.” (Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.445). 

The commissioner may also delegate work to the Council in hearing grievances related to services provided under Minnesota Statutes, sections 123B.40 to 123B.42, and 123B.44 to 123B.48.

  • Accrediting Agencies Whose Schools Have Reduced Reporting Requirements - 10/10/19
    Nonpublic schools, including homeschools, that are directly accredited by one of the accrediting organizations on this list have reduced reporting requirements to their students' local school superintendents under Minnesota's Compulsory Instruction Statute.
  •  - 10/7/19
    Members of the Nonpublic Education Council as of October 2019
  • Minnesota Nonpublic Education Council Meeting Minutes June 2019 - 9/20/19
  • Nonpublic Education Council Meeting Dates 2019-20 - 9/20/19
  • Accrediting Agency Annual Report Template - 9/20/19
    The annual report is completed by accrediting agencies that are recognized in Minnesota. The data requested in this report pertains only to schools in the state of Minnesota that are accredited by the accrediting agency.