School Finance Working Group

Commissioner Mary Cathryn Ricker convened the School Finance Working Group in September 2019 with a broad membership that includes Minnesotans who work in schools every day and ensures all perspectives are represented.

The group’s work will address education-funding issues facing the state. The School Finance Working Group will review key funding streams, identify options for school finance reform, and seek consensus on recommendations for systemic change that will:
  • Improve the adequacy and stability of pre-K through grade 12 education funding
  • Prioritize equity
  • Simplify education funding
  • Preserve local control
  • Close the achievement gap
  • Promote high achievement for all students
  • Direct resources to high-quality teaching and learning
  • School Finance Overview Trends and Issues PowerPoint 9-21-2019 - 10/15/19
  •  - 10/3/19
  •  - 10/3/19
  •  - 9/24/19