Executive Team

Head - Mary Catherin Riker
Mary Cathryn Ricker, Commissioner
As Minnesota’s education commissioner, Mary Cathryn Ricker heads an agency of more than 450 employees, charged with the mission of improving educational achievement for children from PreK-12. Commissioner Ricker works closely with Governor Tim Walz to promote a wide variety of education policies and initiatives focused on closing the achievement gap, supporting high-quality teaching, using innovative strategies to improve educational outcomes, and ensuring all students graduate from high school well-prepared for college, career and life.

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Dr. Heather Mueller photo
Dr. Heather Mueller, Deputy Commissioner

As Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Heather Mueller oversees the Office of Teaching and Learning, the Office of Student Health and Well-being, and the Office of Finance, Human Relations and Policy.

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Daron Korte headshot
Daron Korte, Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner Daron Korte oversees the Minnesota Department of Education’s Office of Student Health and Well-being, which includes programs for Special Education; Compliance and Assistance; Rulemaking; Health, Nutrition and Youth Development; Charter Schools; and Statewide Library Services.

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Bobbie Burnham photo
Bobbie Burnham, Assistant Commissioner
Bobbie Burnham serves as the Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Teaching and Learning.

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Denise Anderson, CFO 4 exec page
Denise Anderson, Chief Financial Officer
As Chief Financial Officer, Denise is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the financial, administrative, budgeting and risk management functions.

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Tammy Funk photo
Tammy Funk, Human Resources Director
Tammy Funk is the Human Resources Director for the Minnesota Department of Education. She is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of human resources and agency services functions.

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Wendy Hatch, Director of Communications and Media Relations

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Adosh Unni, Director of Government Relations

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