Data Practices

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The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) collects and maintains a great deal of information about P-12 education in the state of Minnesota, including:
  • Data about individual students.
  • School finance data.
  • Teacher licensing data.
  • School performance data.
  • Facilities data.
  • Data required for federal reporting and compliance.
  • Agency administrative and operational data.
Some of this data is classified by law as public data, which means that anyone has a right to access it. Some MDE data is classified as private data about individuals, or other nonpublic data, which means that the data is not available to the public without the data subject's consent.

Data Request Policy
MDE strives to make as much of this data as possible available to the public so that the community can make informed decisions about education in Minnesota. Much of the public data maintained by MDE is available at any time on its website. This easily available, accessible data includes summary data prepared from private data about individual students, to show how students in Minnesota are performing in school without revealing private data about individual students. MDE updates the information available on its website regularly; however, it cannot guarantee that the data on its website is always the most current data the agency holds.

Meeting the information needs of the public is one of MDE’s most important functions as a state agency. Therefore, subject to the requirements of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act and other applicable state and federal laws, MDE will respond to citizen requests for data in a timely, cost-effective and complete manner. 
  •  - 7/30/15
  • How to Make a Data Request if You Are Seeking Data about Yourself or Your Child - 7/14/15
    If you are an individual data subject, you have the right to look at or request copies of data that MDE holds about you, your minor child, or an individual for whom you have been appointed legal guardian. MDE will need to verify your identity before providing private data to you.
  • How to Make a Data Request if You are a Member of the Public - 7/14/15
    Members of the public have the right to review, free of charge, all public data that MDE holds. They also have the right to get copies of public data, although MDE may charge for copies.