Data Practices

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The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) collects and maintains a great deal of information about P-12 education in the state of Minnesota, including:
  • Data about individual students.
  • School finance data.
  • School performance data.
  • Facilities data.
  • Data required for federal reporting and compliance.
  • Agency administrative and operational data.
MDE follows state and federal data practices laws when working with and sharing the data it collects, creates and maintains. Data practices address how we manage and use data, how we protect not public data and how we make public data available to others.

Much of the public data at MDE is available in the Data Center and on the Minnesota Report Card on our website. MDE updates the information available on its website regularly; however, it cannot guarantee that the data on its website is always the most current data the department holds.

Data Requests

Student Privacy and Public Reports

  •  - 8/25/20