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Circling Forward for a Positive School Climate

April 9, 2019
Students talking in a circle on the floor


Five school districts are working with the Minnesota Department of Education's School Safety Technical Assistance Center to change school climate, work with students proactively to develop conflict resolution skills, and reap greater academic growth for all. Read about the Cass Lake-Bena Middle School's restorative practices journey.

Libraries = Strong Communities 2019

April 8, 2019
Libraries equals strong communities banner. Celebrate National Library Week April 7-13, 2019


National Library Week, April 7-13, 2019, is a time to celebrate the contributions of Minnesota’s libraries. This year’s theme, Libraries = Strong Communities, is aimed at highlighting the value of libraries. Learn more about libraries and communities!

Three Career and Technical Education teachers earn recognition during CTE month

February 22, 2019
Photos of Craig Spreiter, Katie Crowley, and Lori Brumbaugh


Three Minnesota teachers earned recognition this month from the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Regional Award for their work in career and technical education (CTE). Read about these award-winning teachers and the positive impacts they’re making on students and communities!

Minnesota Center for the Book Expands Connections between Readers and Writers with New State Funding

February 22, 2019
Woman reading a book in front of a large audience


In 2017, The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library, which holds the distinction of being the Minnesota Center for the Book, received its first funding from the Minnesota State Legislature via the Minnesota Department of Education to connect libraries, authors and students. Learn about a few incredible ways The Friends are using the funding to expand on their work connecting Minnesotans and writers.

Seven Outstanding Improvements Made for Kids and Schools Since 2011

December 26, 2018
Commissioner Cassellius and Governor Dayton welcome students at school


Leading with a deep commitment to equitable opportunities and outcomes, the signature accomplishments of the Dayton administration are rooted in the idea that every child—no matter where they live or their economic circumstance—should have access to a great education that will leave them well-prepared for career, college and life. Although by no means an exhaustive list, check out seven improvements for schools and students made during the Dayton administration.

Updates Coming to the Minnesota Report Card

December 12, 2018
Woman working in front of computer image. Updates to the Minnesota Report Card text.


We created the Minnesota Report Card more than four years ago to help Minnesotans better find and understand information about our schools, and now, the report card is getting an update. Some of the changes are required as part of new federal legislation, and many changes were designed after extensive stakeholder engagement with a sharp focus on better serving parents and families. Read about the upcoming changes.

Guest Blogger: Minnesota Scholar of Distinction Awardee Student Devika Narayan Encourages Others to Apply

September 26, 2018
2018 Scholars of Distinction awardee Devika Naravan


MDE’s Scholars of Distinction program allows students to showcase their talents and unique skills. Being the sibling of a Minnesota Scholar of Distinction Award awardee, I have known how amazing state recognition for hard-work can be. Read more about Devika's project and plans for the future in her blog post.

Meet the Regional Centers of Excellence Team

August 20, 2018
Photos of Carol Swanson, Connie Clark, and Sarah Sirna


The Regional Centers of Excellence (RCEs) work in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Education to help schools make long-lasting improvements to student learning. Meet three RCE team members who work every day to make a positive difference in our schools!

Who helps make our schools better? I’d love to tell you.

July 27, 2018
Tyler Livingston photo


Minnesota has many great schools. Unfortunately, we also have schools that are not meeting the needs of their students. Every student deserves the opportunity to get a world-class education in Minnesota, so I am lucky to be a part of a team of dedicated staff who help support our schools that need it the most. Read a guest blog post from Tyler Livingston to learn about the Regional Centers of Excellence.


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