Districts, Schools and Educators

Critical Elements for English Learner Program Compliance

Critical Element 5: Accountability Requirements

Local educational agencies (LEAs) must adhere to state and federal accountability requirements.

5.1 The Local Educational Agency (LEA) ensures that all English learners (ELs) are annually assessed for their English language proficiency, and assessment is in accordance with state and federal requirements.

Public Law 114-328, Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, sections 1111(b)(2)(G), 1111(c)(4)(A), and (ii) 3113(b)(3)(A)(B)

Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.58 to 124D.65 Education for English Learners Act

Minnesota Learning for English Academic Proficiency (LEAPS) Act of 2014, Chapter 272, H.F No. 2397, Article 1

5.2 The LEA has analyzed students’ progress toward English language proficiency and progress in academic achievement.

Public Law 114-328, Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, sections 1111(c)(4)(ii), 3116(b)(1)(2), 3121(2), and 3121(a)(5).

Sample Evidence to support Critical Element 5:

  • Written process for providing technical assistance to schools on how to administer English language proficiency assessments and native language (where applicable) and statewide assessments with accommodations.
  • District guidance on allowable accommodations and procedures for use.
  • A description of testing program and procedures.
  • Documentation of all English learners’ participation in statewide and district assessments.
  • Documented assessment policy and procedures.
  • Evidence of training related to improving growth toward proficiency.
  • Score report for English and native language.
  • Documentation of data collection procedures.

Updated 3-26-2018