Section 504

Essentials of Section 504 Training Series

This webinar series provides important background, legal requirements, best practices, and guidance on the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The presentation addresses important school district obligations and responsibilities, frequently asked questions, important case law, and how the ADA Amendments Act affects Section 504.

Continuing education units (CEU) for online trainings are available! To request CEUs, complete our Request for Teacher CEU form and submit to MDE.

Part One: Section 504 Overview (2 CEU)

Part Two: Administrative Requirements and Responsibilities of a District Section 504 Coordinator (.5 CEU)

Part Three: Frequently Asked Questions (1 CEU)

Parts Four and Five: Resources Available from the Office for Civil Rights, MDE, and Onsite Civil Rights Compliance Reviews (.25 CEU)