Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)/Federal Title Programs

Given the many unique challenges district and charter schools are facing this year, all ESEA Title Grant Applications (FIN401, FIN406, FIN414, FIN417, and FIN433) are now due on September 15, 2020. Please send an email to: mde.esea@state.mn.us if additional time is needed beyond September 15, 2020 to complete one or more applications.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), currently authorized as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015, is federal legislation that promotes student achievement through school and district reform. ESSA requires each state to develop and implement a system for holding all districts and schools accountable for the education of students.

The Division of Equity and Opportunity is here to support you with your ESEA Title Grant Programs!

If your question is regarding something in SERVS-Financial that is not program-specific, such as how to accept funds, upload a document, or help with getting an error message, contact mde.esea@state.mn.us. This email address is monitored by multiple people and will get the fastest technical support for SERVS-Financial.
Contact the program specialists listed below for questions related to:
  • Specific ESEA grant programs, such as allowable uses of funds, guidance on how to answer a specific narrative question, etc.
  • Implementation guidelines, to learn weather a practice is compliant or advisable.
  • Nonpublic equitable services 

Program Specialists Contact Information
ESEA Grant Program Program SpecialistMonitoring Specialist
Title I, Part ASara GeorgeWayne Kuklinski
Title I, Part C (Migrant)Noemi TreviñoJulie Chi
Title I, Part DLeigh SchleicherLeigh Schleicher
Title II, Part ARenee RingoldWayne Kuklinski
Title III, Part ABarbara Al NouriJulie Chi
Title III, ImmigrantMichael BowlusJulie Chi
Title IV, Part AKate Beesch, Sarah CarterWayne Kuklinski
REAP (RLIS/SRSA)Alicia WaefflerAlicia Waeffler
HomelessRoberto ReyesRoberto Reyes
Nonpublic ServicesAlicia WaefflerWayne Kuklinski

ESEA Federal Program Electronic Update

Subscribe to the ESEA Federal Program Update. These updates provide timely information regarding administration of federal programs authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

ESEA Parent Notification

Required ESSA parent notifications and other translated communication are located on TransACT.com. This website provides Minnesota schools and districts with access to required parent notification letters in English and multiple other languages. Schools and districts are required to ensure that all communication with parents is in a language and format accessible to them. For languages not provided here, the English version may be translated as needed. These documents can be customized for individual local educational agencies (LEAs) and students as needed. Translations for the entire ESSA collection are provided in Spanish, Arabic, Hmong, Russian, Somali, Vietnamese and Karen translations.

Documents and Resources

  •  - 8/14/20
    This document contains definitions and eligibility considerations concerning federal Title funds for charter schools in their first year of operation and charter schools experiencing significant expansion of enrollment.
  • Preliminary Fiscal Year 2020-21 Federal Title Grant Allocations - 6/5/20
  •  - 5/11/20
    Clarifies federal grants management requirements for education activities.
  • Guidance for Using Distance Learning for Migratory Children - 4/13/20
  • Federal ESEA/ESSA Waiver Guidance - 4/10/20
  • Title IV Part A COVID-19 Questions and Answers - 4/10/20
  • Federal ESEA Title Programs and COVID-19 FAQ - 3/25/20
  • Nonpublic Services and Equitable Share During COVID-19 - 3/23/20
  •  - 6/6/18
  •  - 3/13/17
    This document outlines the process to follow if an organization or individual has reason to believe that the state or district is not correctly administering an Elementary and Secondary Education Act Program.