Nonpublic Participation

Equitable Services are Specific, Effective and Allowable

The intent of the Every Student Succeeds Act is for districts and charter schools to use their federal grant dollars to design programs and services that are equitable and meet the individual needs of students and teachers in nonpublic schools.
To help ensure equitable participation for eligible nonpublic school children, teachers, and other educational personnel, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has designated an ombuds to monitor and enforce these requirements; Section 1117(a)(3)(B). Send questions regarding these services to

Minnesota Procedures for Serving Nonpublic Students and Staff Equitably
The resources below are tools for district and charter school staff to use in providing equitable services for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
  • Nonpublic Title II Needs Assessment and Professional Development Plan - 5/30/19
    This is a tool that districts may use to ensure that the nonpublic school’s Title II program is meeting the requirements of Title II, Part A.
  • District Timeline for Nonpublic School Title Programs - 5/23/19
    This is a sample timeline that districts may use to ensure that a nonpublic school’s Title II program is meeting the requirements of Title II, Part A.
  • International Students Holding F1 Visas and Federal Title Programs - 6/6/18
    This document clarifies questions that district staff may have about providing F1 students with federal Title services
  •  - 2/6/18
    This memorandum is about approving and monitoring a third-party to provide Title services to eligible nonpublic school students.
  •  - 2/2/18
    This document explains who should provide Title I services to eligible nonpublic students who live outside the district boundaries.
  •  - 3/13/17
    This document outlines the process to follow if an organization or individual has reason to believe that the state or district is not correctly administering an Elementary and Secondary Education Act Program.
  •  - 9/26/16
    This document outlines what the third-party contract for Title I services for eligible nonpublic students should include.