Monitoring Title I-A and Title II-A

Implementing Title I, Part A and Title II
School districts accepting Title funds must implement activities that meet the intent of the federal program. The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) must ensure compliance with requirements of the program and progress toward its goals. We provide training and technical assistance and monitor the implementation of required activities and the allowable use of Title funds. For information about programs other than Title I-A and Title II, contact the specific program.

Compliance Guide
MDE has compiled and condensed into one document the requirements and guidance for implementing Title I, Part A and Title II activities. Each item in the Compliance Guide (linked below):

  • Identifies the overall requirement and the applicable statutory or regulatory citations.
  • Lists specific activities necessary to meet the requirement.
  • Details information that should be documented about the completed activities and maintained for reference and as evidence of compliance.
  • Provides additional information clarifying the requirement and the required activities.
Districts and schools are encouraged to use the Compliance Guide as an ongoing reference and self-assessment tool in implementing services, whether or not you are scheduled to be monitored. MDE uses the guide as the basis for interactive workshops with small groups of similar and neighboring districts. The document also provides information about the monitoring process.

Districts Selected for Monitoring
Each school year, we use a risk analysis of common data to choose which districts will be monitored. Reviews are proportionately distributed throughout the state by school type and geographic location. More information about the selection process, the types of reviews and the review steps are available in the Compliance Guide.