Food Safety

Upon receipt of a food safety recall notification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food Distribution Program (FDP) will determine if the notification applies to a USDA Food that has been received in Minnesota and will determine the scope of the distribution.

If the recall is valid for Minnesota, FDP will contact the Minnesota contracted warehouse, distributors and sponsors as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after receiving the notification. For USDA Foods, FDP will direct sponsors and industry partners to place the specified recalled food on hold until further notice. FDP will continue to work with the warehouse and distributors to determine the amount of recalled food still in storage, the specific location and the amount of food delivered to Minnesota schools.

FDP will disseminate the notice, press information, and instructions on how to recall the product and document reimbursable costs. For Minnesota Rebate Program and Fee-For-Service products, FDP will direct sponsors to work with the supplier for instructions related to the commercial product recall.

Sponsors will receive the food safety recall notification via the Minnesota FDP Commodity-Customer listserv. All sponsors participating in the Food Distribution Program are required to be represented on the FDP Commodity-Customer listserv. A notification will also be sent to all Minnesota school superintendents, as applicable.

The Minnesota Food Safety Coordinator will determine the appropriate next steps and will follow the USDA process for handling USDA Foods holds and recalls. Minnesota Food Distribution staff will manage documentation and follow-up.

If you suspect a food safety issue, immediately contact your local health department or the Minnesota Department of Health as well as the Food Safety Coordinator at FNS.

Program Regulation