Training: Summer Food

Understanding the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is the first step toward accurately providing SFSP meals and snacks to Minnesota’s children. Administrative staff responsible for program operations must have knowledge of recordkeeping and food service operations, as well as nutrition education and meal service.

State agency staff offer training and technical assistance to sponsoring organizations. Training opportunities include online training and in-person workshops, as described below.

Sponsors provide training to new hires and ongoing instruction to all staff on program meal patterns, meal service, claims submission, food service operations, recordkeeping requirements, and reporting. In addition, sponsors provide annual training to all staff on SFSP program updates and compliance standards for operations and program delivery. The resources and webinars below may supplement the sponsor's training program.

Sponsor Training Opportunities for 2019

Learn more in January 2019 about upcoming sponsor training opportunities!

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Training Provided For Summer Food Sponsors

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