CLiCS Claims and Reporting

School Food Authorities must count meals served to students at the point of service, conduct edit checks on consolidated meal count information, and enter claims for reimbursement into the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS). In preparing claims for reimbursement, the School Food Authority must have various pieces of information available, including the student average daily attendance. The Minnesota Department of Education publishes a statewide attendance factor used to calculate the average daily attendance from statewide prior school year attendance data.

The statewide attendance factor for 2020-21 is 94 percent. 
School Food Authorities may use the statewide attendance factor or their local attendance factor.

Refer to the resources below for additional information.

  •  - 3/30/21
    The 60-day monthly claim deadline for USDA child nutrition programs, the limited exceptions, and how to make a request for limited exceptions.
  •  - 3/24/21
    Instructions for completing a School Nutrition Program monthly claim for reimbursement in the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS).
  • Point of Service and Meal Counting Procedures - 11/10/20
    Use this guidance to ensure only reimbursable meals are counted at the point of service.
  • CLiCS User ID Request Form - 9/21/20
    Use this form to request organization staff to have access to submit claims and manage the online application.
  •  - 8/6/20
    Federal and state reimbursement rates paid by School Nutrition Programs to schools for student meals, snacks and milk.
  • Paid Lunch Price Reporting SY2020-21 - 7/13/20
    Instruction for accurately reporting paid lunch prices.
  • Meal Counter - 11/8/19
    A point of service meal counter for School Nutrition Programs.
  • Point of Service Meal Count Form with Daily-Monthly Claims Edit Check - 10/15/19
    A template for use as both the point of service student checklist and the daily and monthly claims edit check. This form is recommended for schools without access to computerized meal counting and claiming software.
  • School Daily-Monthly Claims Edit Check - 10/14/19
    A template for conducting the daily and monthly claims edit check required prior to claim submission. This form is recommended for use with a manual counting and claiming system.
  • Residential Child Care Institutions Daily/Monthly Claims Edit Check - No Day Students - 6/4/19
  • Residential Child Care Institutions Daily Meal Count Form - No Day Students - 6/4/19
  •  - 1/4/19
    Chart showing 60-day monthly deadlines for claims submission.
  •  - 9/18/18  pdf iconPDF 
    Use this document to evaluate an alternative point of service to ensure all requirements are met in order to claim reimbursable meals.
  •  - 3/29/18
    Accessing payment information from the Minnesota Management and Budget website.