Afterschool Snack Program

School sites participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are eligible to receive reimbursement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for after-school snacks served to children in after-school educational or enrichment activities (such as mentoring or tutoring programs).

Any school can offer the Afterschool Snack program at sites that sponsor an after-school program, but different levels of reimbursement are available depending on site eligibility. Schools are reimbursed either for all snacks served if a site is area eligible (at least 50 percent free and reduced-price lunch eligibility) or by individual eligibility category if a site has less than 50 percent free and reduced-price lunch eligibility.

Fact Sheet: Athletic Programs and Afterschool Meal Service


Afterschool Snack Program Basics (20 minutes)
School nutrition programs offering afterschool enrichment and educational program can provide snacks to participants of those programs. Afterschool Snack program requirements are presented in this video. Key Areas: Nutrition, Operations. Learning Codes: 1100, 2100

  • Public School List with Percentage of Free and Reduced-Price Eligible Students from School Year 2019-20 - 3/10/20
    To be used to identify schools that have 50% or more free and reduced-price meals qualifying the school as eligible based on school data. Eligibility applies to the 2021 Program Year for the Summer Food Service and Seamless Summer Program (May 2020-April 2021), Afterschool Snack (July 2020-June 2021), and the Child and Adult Care Food (Oct 2020-Sept 2021). Family Day Care Home eligibility is re-determined in February 2019 using this data.
  • Afterschool Snack Program Fact Sheet - 11/19/19
    This document provides an overview of the requirements for the Afterschool Snack Program.
  • Safe Food Transportation, Storage and Handling - 10/22/19
    Standard operating procedure for foods transported, stored and handled in the Afterschool Snack Program.
  • Meal Pattern - 9/30/19
    Meal pattern requirements for the Afterschool Snack component of the National School Lunch Program.
  • Sample Cycle Menu - 9/30/19
    A sample cycle menu for the Afterschool Snack Program.
  • Snack Count Form for Area Eligible Sites - 9/25/19
    This Afterschool snack count form is to be used by area eligible sites only.
  • Food Production Record - 8/23/19
    Food production record and instructions for use with the Afterschool Snack Program.
  • On-Site Review Form - 1/24/19
    A form for sponsors to monitor the meal counting and claiming system for the after-school care program at each site.
  • Weekly Attendance and Snack Count Form - 6/9/15
    Form for sponsors that are not area eligible (snacks are reimbursed according to free, reduced-price, and full paid status when less than 50 percent of students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals) to record weekly attendance and snack counts for the Afterschool Snack Program.