Breakfast Encourages Students to Thrive

The School Breakfast Program helps to ensure that students start their day with a nutritionally balanced meal. School breakfast also sets up students so they are focused and ready to learn.

The resources developed through the Minnesota Department of Education’s Team Nutrition Training grant, Be Your BESTBreakfast Encourages Students to Thrive, were designed to help schools implement effective School Breakfast Programs. This project was funded using U.S. Department of Agriculture grant funds.  

Program Basics

Operations Toolkit

  • Breakfast in the Classroom-Teacher Reference Guide  - 3/13/18
    One page reference that can be used by teachers serving breakfast in the classroom. Topics include reimbursable meals, counting meals, and activities to do during breakfast.
  • Breakfast Menu Ideas and Recipe Resources  - 4/28/20
    A list of menu options that could be served in the School Breakfast Program, including hyperlinks to recipes and sample menus from outside organizations.
  • Expert Tips for a Successful School Breakfast Program  - 10/30/18
    Minnesota schools are doing many innovative things when it comes to the School Breakfast Program. School nutrition directors across the state offer tips on what makes their School Breakfast Program a success.
  • Offer Vs. Serve Reminder Card  - 2/19/20
    Half page guide for cashiers to use at the point of service to provide information related to reimbursable meals. Includes information for breakfast on one page and lunch on one page.
  • School Breakfast Myth Busters   - 2/20/20
    Ten myths related to school breakfast are dispelled with facts.
  • School Breakfast Program: Money, Money, Money  - 5/6/20
    Tips and resources to support schools run a financially healthy school breakfast program. Topics include providing free meals to students, evaluating start up and ongoing costs, increasing profit, and grant opportunities.
  • School Breakfast Service Option  - 4/28/20
    A comparison table highlighting four different service models including traditional, grab and go, breakfast in the classroom, and second change breakfast.

Get Students Involved

  • Implementing Smarter Lunchroom Techniques in the School Breakfast program  - 6/26/18
    Tips for implementing Smarter Lunchroom principles in the School Breakfast Program, including a list of descriptive menu names and photos.
  • 4/27/20
    Web resources from organizations that have sample posters and promotional information that schools may use.
  • Sample Surveys for the School Breakfast Program  - 4/10/18
    Sample surveys for elementary students, secondary students, and parents in order to gather input on the School Breakfast Program.
  • School Breakfast Outreach: Social Media Examples for Students  - 7/20/20
    Sample social media posts that can be shared with students in order to engage them in the School Breakfast Program.
  • School Breakfast Outreach: Using Social Media  - 5/8/20
    One page fact sheet with key considerations for using social media.
  • 4/27/20
    Web resources from organizations that will guide you in planning and implementing a taste test activity.

Engage Parents

V - Nutrition worker by cart
Nutrition workers encourage students to eat healthy breakfasts.

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