Training: CACFP Centers

Training opportunities specific to Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsors are listed below. Training opportunities include live workshops, webinars, and training videos. Refer to the staff training requirements specific to your type of sponsorship.

Staff Training Requirements for Independent Centers
Staff Training Requirements for Multi-Site Sponsors

Upcoming Workshops and Webinars

CACFP Basic Training: Information and Registration
CACFP Budgeting for Multi-site or Independent Sponsor Training: Information and Registration
Navigating SharePoint and CACFP Management Plan Training: Information and Registration

Training Videos

Introduction to the CACFP
Types of Centers
Meal Patterns
Meal Service
Menus and Crediting
Preparing and Submitting Claims
Purchasing and Budgeting
Administrative Review
Multi-Site Sponsors
Civil Rights

Brighton Video Training Opportunities for 2019-20

Brighton Training Group produces and markets CACFP trainings using self-paced, interactive e-learning software. The Brighton Video Training Opportunities for 2019-20 provide additional training for those administering the CACFP. Each training ranges in length from 45 to 60-plus minutes. Check out the User Tutorials for instructions on how to register and access the courses. Each training is approved for one credit hour through the Minnesota Center for Professional Development for Early Care and Education (Achieve/Develop systems).

  • Nutrition Basics for Better CACFP Menus, MDE-502
  • A CACFP Meal Pattern Guide, MDE-505
  • A CACFP Infant Meal Pattern Guide, MDE-506
  • All Aboard the Whole Grain Express!, MDE-515
  • Food Preparation Techniques and CACFP Menu Planning, MDE-516

Video Training Logs

Sponsors can use the Log of Video Trainings to track the videos viewed during the CACFP enrollment process, new staff orientation and annual CACFP staff training. Select the log specific to your type of sponsorship.