Training: CACFP Centers

Understanding the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is the first step to accurately providing CACFP meals and snacks to Minnesota’s children and adults. Administration and delivery of program benefits in compliance with federal regulation is integral to becoming a viable, capable, and accountable program sponsor. Managerial and administrative staff responsible for program delivery requires skills in record keeping and food service operations, as well as nutrition education and meal service information.

State agency staff administer training and provide technical assistance to sponsoring organizations. Training opportunities include online training through e-learning modules, real-time webinars with interactive learning and opportunities to ask questions, and workshops offered around the state and at the Minnesota Department of Education. Training opportunities specific to CACFP sponsors are listed below.

CACFP Basic Training: Information and Registration

Child and Adult Care Food Program New Training Opportunities

Sponsors provide training to new hires and ongoing instruction to all staff on program meal patterns, attendance and meal counts, claims submission, food service operations, record keeping requirements, and reporting. In addition, sponsors provide annual training to all staff on CACFP program updates and compliance standards for operations and program delivery. The resources and webinars below may supplement the sponsor's training program.

Sponsors can use the Log of Web-Based Trainings to document trainings viewed by organizations who have applied to participate in CACFP and new or existing employees. Sponsors can also use the log to document annual CACFP training. Training logs are organized by sponsorship types.

Dietary Guidelines

This session explains the major messages of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and also identifies how the Dietary Guidelines will shape the new CACFP meal pattern. Learn about the emphasis on vegetables subgroups (dark green, red/orange and dried beans/peas) and whole grain-rich products.
Take an in-depth look at important resources related to the Dietary Guidelines and menu planning. This session also offers detailed examples of healthy menu planning techniques that have been successful for other child care centers in Minnesota.