Special Dietary Needs

Sponsors will find resources related to accommodating participants with or without a disability, and instructions on fluid milk substitutions.

  • Special Diet Guidebook - 3/26/21
    This guidebook provides a summary of special diet requirements to help sponsors and providers understand when and what type of accommodations they can/must provide for participants who request a special diet. It also includes many key resources, including the special diet request form, a list of approved fluid milk substitutes, a summary chart of allowable beverage options for each Child Nutrition program.
  • Fluid Milk Substitutions in Child Nutrition Programs - 7/22/20
    This document outlines the nutritional requirements for fluid milk substitutes in Child Nutrition Programs and provides a list of non-dairy beverages that meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)'s fluid milk substitution criteria.
  • Dietary Preference Request Form - 2/20/20
    Form to request dietary preferences related to lifestyle, religious beliefs, or personal preference.
  • Special Diet Statement - 3/1/19
    Form to request a special diet for a participant with a disability.