Districts, Schools and Educators

Gifted and Talented Advisory Council Members 2018-19

Billie Annette - Special Appointment, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Wendy Behrens - Council Chair, Minnesota Department of Education

Teresa Boatman - Psychologist Representative

Leah Brzezinski - Special Appointment, Special Education and School Director

Trina Hira - Roseville Schools, Gifted Program Coordinator Representative

Aden Hussein - Parent Representative

Diane Heacox - St. Mary’s University, Professor Emerita

Sue Feigal-Hitch - Hamline University, Gifted Certificate Program Coordinator

Tania Lyon - Minnesota Educators of the Gifted and Talented Representative

Carol Malueg - Minnesota Council for Gifted and Talented Representative

Teresa Manzella - Special Appointment, NAGC Network Chair

Laure O’Keefe - St. Paul Public Schools, Care and Treatment Programs

Melanie Olson - Classroom Teacher Representative

Karen Rogers - University of St. Thomas, Professor Emerita