Districts, Schools and Educators

Gifted and Talented Advisory Council Members 2018-2019

Billie Annette Special Appointment, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Wendy Behrens Council Chair, Minnesota Department of Education

Teresa Boatman Psychologist Representative

Leah Brzezinski Special Appointment, Special Education and School Director

Trina Hira Roseville Schools, Gifted Program Coordinator Representative

Aden Hussein Parent Representative

Diane Heacox St. Mary’s University, Professor Emerita

Sue Feigal-Hitch Hamline University, Gifted Certificate Program Coordinator

Tania Lyon Minnesota Educators of the Gifted and Talented Representative

Carol Malueg Minnesota Council for Gifted and Talented Representative

Teresa Manzella Special Appointment, NAGC Network Chair

Laure O’Keefe St. Paul Public Schools, Care and Treatment Programs

Melanie Olson Classroom Teacher Representative

Karen Rogers University of St. Thomas, Professor Emerita