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Person-Centered Practices Tools, Strategies and Tips #2

December 2020

During the 2020-21 school year, we’re seeing many changes in the way we do our work, but using person-centered practices remains as important as ever. This month we are featuring a great resource for students and their families.

Disability Hub MN

Disability Hub MN is a free, statewide resource network that helps young people and their families solve problems, navigate the system and plan for the future. Visit About the Hub to learn more. The Disability Hub has a new space for families with information about services, supports, life planning materials and COVID-19 resources. Not only is this a website, but a free service that can be used to chat, email or call an expert in all things disability.

Ideas for use

  1. Share with students the Disability Hub website and the Employment matters: More money, more freedom, more options document.
  2. Share with families the Disability Hub for families section and What parents can do to support future employment document

Choose one of the following activities to try with students:

  1. “Build Your Dream” activity with students to engage them and start the conversation about work. Include families in this activity or the learnings.
  2. Complete a School and Work Estimator session with students who have benefits like SSI or Medical Assistance, and who (or whose family) has concerns about what will happen to their benefits if they work.
  3. Use a Charting the LifeCourse tool for life planning or for employment planning with a student and family. Option to use/provide the family guidebook and life stages guidebook for families to use to support their child live their best life.