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Person-Centered Practices Tools, Strategies and Tips #5

March 2021


Person-centered practices are strategies and activities that support students and families to have input and make informed choices about everyday life decisions and major transitions. Person-centered practices focus on the interests and needs, emphasizing each person’s strengths and dreams rather than weaknesses or deficits.

Person-Centered Practices provide a common language to be used by students, families and teams. Students and their families are the focus as they take the lead in the discussion and decision-making about where they will live, learn, work and play. Teams support students’ and families’ informed choices, so that they are in the most integrated settings possible as active members of their home, school and local community. Person-centered practices are more important than ever to support students and families during this disrupted 2020-2021 school year. We have created these monthly tools, strategies and tips to help you navigate the challenges of this school year with students and families at the center. You can find other monthly messages on person-centered practices on the Minnesota Department of Education website.

My Vault

My Vault on Disability Hub MN is a secure, personal account used by people with disabilities and those who support them to store and share files, create contact lists, do activities to plan for the future, and clearly document activities that lead to an informed choice.

Suggested Implementation

My Vault is a strategy that facilitates interagency coordination and enables students and families to own and share information with team members.

Youth and families can:

  • Access their own information and plans electronically, even after graduating from high school or transition program.
  • Have a safe place to store documents and take them into adult services.
  • Have access to activities and tools to help plan and prepare for work and life after school.
  • Know who is on their team, who can help with what and quick access to their contact information.
  • Easily and securely share information and files.

Teachers and school staff can:

  • Easily and securely share files and information.
  • Get contact information for other people in the student’s “team” of support.
  • Have access to planning tools and activities to use with students they support.

Find more information and start using My Vault.