Accountability Indicators

The North Star system uses five indicators: academic achievement (calculated and reported separately for math and reading), progress toward English language proficiency, academic progress (calculated and reported separately for math and reading), graduation rates (calculated and reported separately for four-year and seven-year rates), and consistent attendance. When identifying schools and districts, these indicators are organized into three stages. Stage 1 looks at math achievement, reading achievement, and progress toward English language proficiency. Stage 2 looks at math progress and reading progress in elementary and middle schools, four-year and seven-year graduation rates in high schools, and all four of those measurements in districts. Stage 3 looks at consistent attendance. More information about the use of this system is available on the Identification Processes webpage. Each indicator also has its own module on the Training: Accountability webpage.

Technical Specifications

North Star Business Rules - Support summarizes the business rules used when calculating each indicator and identifying schools and districts for support.

The following technical specifications will be added when they are finalized:  
  • Academic Achievement Technical Specifications
  • Progress Toward English Language Proficiency Technical Specifications
  • Academic Progress Technical Specifications
  • Graduation Rates Technical Specifications
  • Consistent Attendance Technical Specifications

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement is the number of students demonstrating they are at grade level. It is calculated by dividing the number of students at the “Meets Standards” or “Exceeds Standards” achievement levels on state tests by the number of students in tested grades. Math achievement and reading achievement are calculated separately.
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Progress Toward English Language Proficiency

Progress toward English language proficiency is specific to English learners. It measures the average progress English learners make toward individual growth targets on the ACCESS for ELLs test.
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Academic Progress

Academic progress is a score based on students’ achievement levels from one year to the next. Math progress and reading progress are calculated separately.
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Graduation Rates

The North Star system uses four-year and seven-year graduation rates.
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Consistent Attendance

Consistent attendance is the percentage of students attending more than 90 percent of the days they are enrolled at a school.
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