Resources for Identified Schools

Districts and charters with schools identified for support and improvement under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) are required to provide leadership and oversite for the improvement efforts at identified schools, so that all students can achieve without exception. The Regional Centers of Excellence (RCE), the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), and other stakeholder partners have developed several resources that districts and charters may use in their school improvement efforts.



Required Support and Improvement Activities

Support and Improvement Resources

Evidence-Based Practices, Programs and Policies (EBPs)

Stakeholders requested a list of EBPs to be used by districts and schools when selecting one or more practices for implementation in their school improvement plans. Use of this list is most effective if it is part of an overall continuous improvement process informed by a comprehensive needs assessment.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

  • List of Evidence-Based Practices, Programs and Policies (EBPs)  - 1/3/19
  • 11/1/18
    Schools identified for support and improvement must examine how their resources are distributed among and within schools. This resource provides an overview of this process.
  • Equitable Resource Distribution  - 11/1/18
    A document designed to help districts and charters to examine how resources (people, time, and money) can be used equitably in their education systems. Readings, tools, and process suggestions for equitable access to effective teachers and for equitable resource distribution are included.
  • School Improvement Timeline-Year 1  - 8/31/18
    Informed by stakeholders, this timeline outlines the critical activities that should happen in the first year of identification for support.
  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) Roadmap   - 12/18/17
    The Professional Learning Community (PLC) Roadmap is organized by structures and critical features using the Active Implementation Frameworks. District, schools and PLC teams can use this tool to chart and monitor progress toward becoming top-performing PLCs.
  • Leadership Team Rubric  - 11/25/14
    The Leadership Team Rubric is organized by structures and critical features. School leadership teams would use this rubric to identify their current level of development and to plan next steps actions to increase their effectiveness.