Achievement and Integration Program

The purpose of the Achievement and Integration for Minnesota program is to pursue racial and economic integration, increase student achievement, create equitable educational opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on students' diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in Minnesota public schools. Read Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.861. Read Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.862.

Districts eligible to participate in this program include those required to submit an Achievement and Integration plan under Minnesota School Desegregation/Integration Rules 3535.0100-0180 and those districts with a collaborative plan on file with the commissioner during FY 2013.

Currently, 134 school districts receive funding from this program. Participation is determined by the number of protected-class students relative to the number of protected-class students in adjoining districts or schools based on October 1 enrollment.

Guidance and Technical Assistance
To support districts’ efforts to develop Achievement and Integration plans consistent with statute, MDE staff will provide written guidance as well as ongoing technical assistance to districts participating in the Achievement and Integration program.

Annual Public Meeting and Progress Report
Each year, districts must provide updates on progress toward their achievement and integration plan goals, including holding a public meeting and reporting to MDE. See the progress reporting form below. Read more about the annual reporting requirements

2018-19 Participating Districts
Download a list of districts in the Achievement and Integration program.

Achievement and Integration Aid Estimates
Aid entitlement estimates of Achievement and Integration revenue are available in the Minnesota Funding Reports (MFR) section of the MDE website.  

To view and print Achievement and Integration revenue reports by district, go to the Data Analytics page and follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down to School Finance Reports and click on Minnesota Funding Reports (MFR).
  2. Using the drop down menu on the MFR page, select your District name.
  3. In the Category box, select Aid Entitlement Reports.
  4. In the Year box, select Year equal to revenue year (for example, 12-13, 16-17, etc.).
  5. In the Report box, select Integration Revenue Report.
  6. Click List Report. A link to your district’s annual report will appear below.
  7. Click on this Integration Revenue Report link.
  8. In this report, look at line (12) for Max Initial Rev and line (13) for your district’s Max Incentive Revenue.

District program staff should work closely with their business office to view these reports and check updated AI revenue estimates on a regular basis.

In addition to using the resources on this webpage, staff in eligible Achievement and Integration districts may receive electronic updates on the Achievement and Integration program. Sign up to receive this e-bulletin from MDE by sending your current email address to

  • 2017-18 Combined World's Best Workforce and Achievement and Integration Summary Report - 9/14/18
    Your annual Achievement and Integration progress report is now part of your WBWF summary report. The section to report on progress made toward your Achievement and Integration plan goals during the 2017-2018 school year begins on page ten. Submit this combined report to MDE between October 15 and December 15, 2018.
  • 2017-18 Progress Report for Racially Identifiable Schools  - 9/13/18
    Fill out a progress report for each of the racially identifiable schools included in your district’s Achievement and Integration plan during the 2017-2018 schoolyear. Submit this completed report to MDE between October 15 and December 15, 2018.
  • Achievement and Integration Needs Assessment - 9/12/18
    This powerpoint describes the importance of conducting a needs assessment that identifies gaps and areas to be changed in order to improve student outcomes and reduce achievement disparities. This needs assessment is optional for our Achievement and Integration districts. However, if you are following the purpose of the program and want to provide equitable educational experiences for all students, we strongly encourage you to use the needs assessment tools provided.
  • Achievement and Integration Plan Development Webinar - 7/23/18
    This webinar describes the process, resources, and tools needed to develop, implement and monitor a district’s Achievement and Integration plan.
  • Achievement and Integration Program Overview - 6/19/18
    This webinar provides a brief program overview for districts in the Achievement and Integration program.
  •  - 5/22/18
    The criteria listed here are requirements based on legislation and Minnesota's School Desegregation/Integration rules. Use this list when you create a new A&I plan or when you amend one that's been approved by MDE. It provides the basis for approving A&I plans.
  •  - 5/17/18
    Use this guide to help you create annual achievement and integration budgets. The budget guide includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Coordinated Improvement Planning Guide 2 - 2/23/18
    This guide includes important information on adjusting plan goals, strategies, or key indicators of progress in A&I plans.
  • Achievement and Integration Evaluation Final Steps - 2/23/18
    Districts that did not meet their 2015-17 A&I plan goals will submit a description of their improvement process to MDE and identify funding for improvement strategies. Read this document for details on these final steps of the plan evaluation process.
  • Achievement and Integration Budget Review Criteria - 2/23/18
    The criteria listed here are requirements based on legislation and Minnesota's School Desegregation/Integration rules. Use this list when you create a new A&I budget or when you amend one that's been approved by MDE. It provides the basis for approving A&I budgets.
  • FY19 Achievement and Integration Budget Workbook - 2/16/18
    Districts in the Achievement and Integration program will create an FY 2019 budget using this form and submit it to MDE for review and approval by March 15, 2018.
  • Maps of State and Metro Integration Districts: 2017-18 - 11/6/17
    Updated August 2015
  • Achievement and Integration Plan Template - 10/12/17
  • Achievement and Integration Plan Guide - 10/12/17
    Use this guide to plan and organize your school or district's AI program. A link to the 2018-2020 Achievement Integration plan template is included in the section of the Guide entitled Completing the Plan Template. Hmong Parent-Caregiver Survey - Somali Parent-Caregiver Survey - Spanish Parent-Caregiver Survey
  • Achievement and Integration Goals, Objectives and Interventions - 2/13/17
    Find information on goals, objectives, and interventions for district’s AI plans and how to create them
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Achievement and Integration Program - 9/23/16
  •  - 1/29/16
    Three collaboratives shared information about innovative cross-district AI programs at the Fall 2015 Achievement and Integration guidance sessions.