Achievement and Integration Program

Achievement and Integration Public Meeting and Progress Report

Districts in the Achievement and Integration (AI) program are required to report each year on progress toward their AI plan goals (see Minnesota Statutes 124D.861, Subd. 3). This progress report is to be provided at a public meeting and posted on the district’s website. The public meeting should be the same meeting your district schedules to report on progress towards its World’s Best Workforce Plan goals.

At least 30 days before this annual meeting, the district must post the following on its website:

  • The district Achievement and Integration Plan.
  • Achievement and Integration plans for racially identifiable schools within the district as identified by MDE.
  • An analysis of your district’s progress toward its AI plan(s) goals.
  • Student performance data that is relevant to the achievement goal(s) in the plan. This data must be based on student growth and progress in reading and math (based on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments), and disaggregated by the student groups and grades specified in the achievement goal(s).
  • Longitudinal data. Districts may choose one of the following three data sets to report on:
  • School enrollment choices supported by the plan, or
  • World Language Proficiency Certificates awarded, or
  • Indicators of school safety, student engagement, and connection at school such as those included in the Minnesota Student Survey.
  • Districts may also report on college and career readiness or rigorous course work completed. This is optional. These results would include eighth grade MCA math proficiency scores, participation in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses by student group, or ACT college entrance exam performance and proficiency scores by student group.

Districts set the date for their annual public meeting; the only requirement for setting a date is that it should be scheduled at the same time as your WBWF annual meeting.

To help evaluate their efforts, AI districts will also submit an annual progress report to MDE by December 15. Submit the report to using the template provided. Districts may also use this progress report for their annual public meeting described above.