"Minnesota’s future workforce is sitting in a Minnesota classroom today.” 
- Governor Mark Dayton

The Governor's Adopt-A-School initiative seeks to recognize high-quality, innovative partnerships between schools and businesses and encourage the creation of new partnerships in every corner of the state. Successful school-business partnerships enhance the quality of education, enrich the learning experience and help close achievement gaps. Just as important, they help lay a foundation for building the quality workforce Minnesota businesses depend upon to strengthen their competitiveness in a global economy.

Partnerships may include volunteering or mentoring in a school, technology assistance and expertise, or help organizing a school-based community event. We've provided a toolkit to help you develop a successful school-business partnership.

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Whatever you choose to do, we invite you to share your story with us, so that other schools and businesses may learn from your success.

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  • Adopt-A-School Toolkit - 3/26/18
    Use this seven-step guide to help you plan and implement a successful school-business partnership.