Career and College Success

All Minnesota students need to be prepared to move successfully from middle school to high school and into an increasingly wide array of postsecondary options. We provide and support the development of quality tools and strategies, centralize and disseminate resources, and develop and promote models that successfully implement multiple pathways to postsecondary training or college.

Minnesota’s Vision of Career and College Readiness (CCR)

In March 2016, the Career and College Success division, in collaboration with the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest and the Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC), brought together a group of stakeholders to articulate what career and college readiness means for Minnesota students. Embracing a well-rounded view of education is needed to drive educational and workforce goals and policies. Taking many perspectives into consideration, along with stakeholder feedback, this holistic vision of career and college readiness was developed:

A sufficiently prepared student is one who has the knowledge, skills, mindset, and experiences in the academic, workplace, and personal/social domains to keep learning and, beyond secondary school, to successfully navigate toward and adapt to an economically viable career.

CCR Resource Guide

The following collection of resources provides a comprehensive set of guidance, strategies, and tools for engaging districts and schools in equity-oriented CCR program planning and a continuous improvement process. This tool aligns with resources that the Minnesota Department of Education has developed to support educational work at the local level. These resources can be used to guide schools and districts through program planning decisions – either as a step-by-step guide, or as individual pieces which best fit with the current phase of planning or improvement efforts. These resources were developed with invaluable input from stakeholders across the state and in collaboration with the Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC) and the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest.

  • Minnesota Career and College Readiness (CCR) Guide Spiral Graphic - 1/29/20
    This graphic describes promising practices, processes, and indicators of varying implementation levels of CCR. Identify where your school or district currently demonstrates practices, processes, and indicators and set goals to balance within the CCR domains.
  • Minnesota CCR Guide Infographic - 10/23/19
    A one-page visual graphic depicting the CCR Resource Guide components, CCR domains and competencies and Minnesota’s vision of career and college readiness.
  • Career and College Readiness Resource Guide - 10/11/18
    A brief overview of Minnesota’s CCR visioning work and how the resources fit together. This section includes MDE’s commitment to equity, acknowledgements and related legislation.
  • CCR Resource Guide: Domains and Competencies - 10/11/18
    An overview and detailed definitions of the four domains and competencies which represent Minnesota’s vision of career and college readiness. This section would be helpful for K-12 curriculum planning and a springboard for professional development for educators and administrators. In addition, it outlines roles and responsibilities for various stakeholders in the school community, with sample activities to document student progress toward CCR.
  • CCR Resource Guide: Program Planning Guide - 10/11/18
    Planning for comprehensive CCR programs requires collaboration, thoughtfulness, and extended effort. This section is intended to provide tools for districts to reflect on and create local prioritized needs. Learn about existing program models around the state and determine your school or district’s readiness for CCR implementation.
  • CCR Resource Guide: Data Inquiry - 10/11/18
    Understanding what data is available to monitor student progress is a critical component to your CCR programming and improvement efforts. This section outlines both local and state level CCR data indicators and provides guiding questions to consider throughout your CCR program implementation and improvement process. This section includes a handbook which demonstrates how to access and analyze state-level data to inform your CCR program goals and strategies.