Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS)

The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) is a fee-based subscription available in more than 80 percent of Minnesota schools. The system is Internet-based and offers a wealth of career, educational and labor market information in one comprehensive, easy-to-use tool. MCIS includes: Learning styles, employability, interest and skill assessments, and information on colleges and program requirements for various occupations. Students build a portfolio so they can plan and track progress toward their educational goals and create a personal learning plan. Optional components, such as ACT and college placement and practice tests, can be added to the license for an additional subscription fee.

MCIS is used by schools, colleges, libraries and many community-based organizations. There are a variety of subscription fee levels, based on the number of users at each site. The system is updated annually to ensure that the information is current and reliable. An annual subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to the website.
  • Unlimited student personal learning plans and portfolios that can be transferred.
  • Free training via hands-on workshops held around the state.
  • Free technical support.
  • Listserv membership.

Additional Career Development Resources

MCIS Junior is an internet-based system that supports reading, writing, decision-making and critical thinking skills while developing self-awareness, career exploration, research and planning skills. It is written at the fifth-grade level, making it appropriate for special populations as well as students in middle schools or junior highs.

Students can start a portfolio and personal learning plan in MCIS Junior and seamlessly transfer their information to the full MCIS and continue to build their learning plan.

Contact Deb Parkos with questions about any MCIS product or subscription service, technical support or to schedule user training at 651-582-8321 or 800-599-6247.

Assessments in MCIS
As school begins and schools continue to support student’s Personal Learning Plan 120B.125, information from the Statewide Testing Division, Minnesota Department of Education, was shared with local districts on June 18, 2015, in the MDE Weekly Superintendent’s Mail: 

 “The department will no longer provide a statewide solution for a legislatively required Career Interest Inventory. Districts must contract with vendors individually to administer a Career Interest Inventory to students. The results from the inventory will be used in the state-required Annual Career Plan.”

Districts must identify career interest inventories that will help meet the requirement for all students, starting no later than ninth grade. The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS), which many districts are currently using for student planning, has several assessments that are available to help satisfy the obligation to administer a career interest inventory. Results from those assessments will automatically populate in the Student's Personal Learning Plan in their MCIS portfolio. To learn more about the career interest inventory and other assessments available through MCIS, access Assessments in MCIS below. For more information please contact MCIS.