Personal Learning Plans

Planning for Students’ Successful Transition to Postsecondary and Employment
Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.125 requires all students beginning no later than 9th grade to have a Personal Learning Plan around several key elements. This plan should be looked at as a life plan that includes academic scheduling, career exploration, career and employment-related skills, community partnerships, college access, all forms of postsecondary training, and experiential learning opportunities.

Districts must implement these requirements for all students starting no later than grade 9. Districts are free to determine their own means for implementing, selecting resources, reviewing and record keeping of the students’ plans. We suggest you examine the elements you already have in place and create a plan to implement the legislative requirements for all students based on that examination.

The Personal Learning Plans Toolkit is a resource for teachers, counselors, parents, and administrators. It includesr materials, tools and strategies to support student career development. Access the Personal Learning Plans Toolkit below.

As with any specific curriculum, resource or strategy, the Minnesota Department of Education does not endorse those listed in the toolkit. It is a compilation of career development suggestions from educators and professionals working in the fields of secondary, postsecondary and the workforce. Schools and districts are encouraged to apply their local policies, evaluation criteria and review processes when considering the resources in the toolkit.