The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Charter Center is responsible for providing state leadership, support and oversight to promote high-quality charter schools and authorizer excellence under charter school law – Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 124E. Individuals may file a complaint with the Charter Center if they believe a charter school or authorizer has violated the requirements of Chapter 124E. Information submitted to MDE is a matter of public record.

The instructions document below provides guidance on how to file a complaint about a charter school’s or an authorizer’s alleged violation(s) of state law. MDE’s Charter Center does not look into matters outside of the charter law – Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 124E. Allegations of violations of other laws are handled by different government agencies at both the state and federal level; contact information for these agencies is provided in the instructions document.

The complaint system is free. The intention of this webpage is to provide helpful, general information to the public. It does not constitute legal advice nor is it a substitute for consulting with a licensed attorney. The information below should not be relied upon as a comprehensive or definitive response to your specific legal situation. This webpage may not include a complete rendition of applicable state and federal law.

Steps to Take Before Filing a Complaint
Before filing a complaint, MDE encourages individuals to attempt to resolve their concerns directly with the school by contacting any of the following:
  •   School leadership; and/or
  •   The charter school’s board of directors (the legal entity in charge of the school). This information can be found on a school’s website or under the school’s Contact View on MDE-ORG; and/or
  •   The charter school’s authorizer (the organization responsible for ensuring that the school complies with applicable laws, rules, and the charter contract).

We are currently updating our complaint form. Please send an email to with the details of your complaint. A member of the Charter Center team will follow up with you.