School Improvement Grants

School Improvement Grants
The federal Title I School Improvement Grant (SIG) provides funding and support to the state's identified Persistently Lowest Achieving schools in order to rapidly and dramatically increase student achievement. Minnesota SIG schools are implementing comprehensive intervention models designed to build capacity for sustainable improvement. Required intervention model elements include:

  • Increasing time for learning
  • Giving teachers time to collaborate
  • Evaluating teachers and principals regularly
  • Setting ambitious goals for student learning

Supporting SIG Schools
In Minnesota, SIG schools have demonstrated a promising commitment to the school turnaround process. The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and school districts have a heightened sense of urgency to support capacity building and improve educational opportunities for the students enrolled in SIG schools. Schools are going deeper in implementing the intervention model components to the greatest extent possible.

School Improvement Strategies in Identified Schools
Minneapolis Public Schools and Saint Paul Public Schools receive grant funds from the Minnesota Department of Education to administer school improvement activities. One of the requirements of receiving these funds is to publicly disclose the improvement activities that Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) schools are working on in their school improvement plans. The school improvement strategies from all CSI in Minneapolis Public Schools and Saint Paul Public Schools are listed in the documents below. 

Saint Paul Public Schools CSI School Improvement Practices 
Minneapolis Public Schools CSI School Improvement Practices