Program Approval

Districts, Cooperatives, and Charter Schools need to submit a Program Approval Form to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) if they are:

  • Applying for a new program.
  • Making updates to an existing program.
  • A district within a Carl D. Perkins consortia that is up for five-year renewal.

The programs and courses listed within your district’s Program Approval Database are the programs and courses that you will report to MDE in your P-file (Perkins data submission). Find more information about program approvals and your data submission below.

  • Program Approval Database - 4/2/21
    This Career and Technical Education (CTE) file displays programs approved under Minnesota Rule 3505.
  • Program Approval Form - 4/6/21
    Please complete the Program Approval Form as part of the five-year Program Review cycle or if your district is implementing a new program.
  • Program Approval Revision/Amendment Form - 4/23/21
    Please complete the Amendment form any time there is a teacher or course change to an existing state-approved CTE program. Amendments are processed throughout the year, however, course amendments will only be publicly updated to the Program Approval Database annually during Spring.
  • Table C - 3/31/21
    List of all Career and Technical Education Programs, Courses, and Teacher Licensure requirements for Minnesota’s program approval and data collection.
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The MDE Program Approval Process Ensures Quality Programs For Students

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