Data Submissions

The Minnesota Department of Education collects data on a variety of topics. Select the data reporting topic you are interested in to open that page. You will find an overview of the data collection process for that topic, along with user guides or help documents, if applicable.

A link to the data collection system is also provided on the description page. Most systems require a login and password. Contact information for each system can be found on the lower left side of each page.

  • Reporting Calendar for Districts - 1/8/19
    List of reporting and data entry periods of importance to districts and schools, including a brief description of each.
  •  - 1/3/15

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The Identified Official with Authority at the local education agency must submit user access pre-authorization for each staff member that needs access to an MDE secure application.

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All authorized users of the MDE secured web site systems must review and abide by the following User Access Agreements and Acknowledgements.

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