ADM Web Estimates (ADMWE)

The Average Daily Membership Web Estimates (ADMWE) system is the means by which districts and charter schools provide the department with their estimated Average Daily Membership (ADM) for three school years. All independent school districts, and charter schools in their fourth or later year of operation, use this system. For charter schools in their first three years, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) uses a quarterly updated paper report and requires rosters and mid-year Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) submissions to support the estimated ADM.

It is important the data be as accurate as the districts and charter schools are able to provide because they will be used for a variety of purposes, including levies, aid entitlements, forecasts and analysis. All three years will be used in forecasts and legislative analysis starting in late December. MDE may not be able to use updates to the current year’s estimates after the December deadline for aid entitlement calculations, because MDE’s appropriation is held at the February forecast estimates.

The following data are provided by independent districts:

  • Districtwide resident ADM by grade
  • Extended time ADM by grade and site
  • Adjusted ADM by grade and site
  • English learner (EL) ADM by site
Charter schools provide adjusted ADM by grade and site and EL ADM by site. Find the Enrollment Projection Reports below.

Districts and charter schools in their fourth or later year are requested to update their estimates at least twice a year. If the existing data are accurate, districts should sum and authorize so that MDE knows the data have been reviewed.

Refer to the timelines posted below for a detailed description of when and for what the data will be used.

District/School ADM (Average Daily Membership) Projections as Provided via ADMWE (Average Daily Membership Web Estimates) System

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