Carl Perkins

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) approves Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE) that meet teacher licensing and other criteria. These programs are eligible to access federal Carl D. Perkins funds.  Districts that accept these federal dollars must report enrollment and student proficiency for CTE courses and programs to the department.

Districts may submit data from June through September for the previous school year, using a Web-based application. The data becomes part of the federal Consolidated Annual Report that MDE must submit to the U.S. Department of Education. The Data Collection application is used to both submit data and retrieve reports. Data reports are made available to districts after the federal report is submitted and used for continuous program improvement.

> Enter the Carl Perkins Data Collection

If you already have a login ID and password proceed directly to the Carl Perkins Data Collection system. If you are either a new user or have an existing MDE user account but need to obtain access to this particular application, please walk through the steps listed on the main Data Submission page in order to become an authorized user.

Once logged in, you will notice that the Carl Perkins Data Collection system contains a Help Document: P-file Checklist, Definitions, and a link to view the Carl Perkins Submission Status Report. Additional information and guidance documents can be found on our Performance Indicators and Data Collection page.

In order to share the information with your Principal, Perkins Coordinator, other district administration or teachers, please use the same log in and password information to access the Submission Status Report within MDE's Secure Reports webpage. You will be able to access P-file submission information across multiple years and will be able to export the Submission Status Report either as an excel file or as a PDF. Sharing these summary data with your district’s CTE program staff and administration will assist you in verifying the accuracy of the P-file data.