Compulsory Instruction Compliance Data Reporting

The Compulsory Instruction Compliance Data System is used to collect data from districts on the numbers of homeschool and nonpublic school students, ages 5-18.

Minnesota Statutes, section 120A.24, subdivision 4, requires superintendents to “make an annual report to the commissioner of education by December 1 of the total number of nonpublic children reported as residing in the district.” The report must include the following information: (1) the number of children residing in the district attending nonpublic schools or receiving instruction from persons or institutions other than a public school; (2) the number of children in clause (1) who are in compliance with section 120A.22 and this section; and, (3) the number of children in clause (1) who the superintendent has determined are not in compliance with section 120A.22 and this section. The report includes data on nonpublic students attending regular private schools and homeschools, including counts of students who superintendents have determined are in situations that are not in compliance with Minnesota’s compulsory instruction law. For more details on the law, refer to Minnesota Statutes, sections 120A.22-120A.26

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    This is guidance for homeschool liaisons when private and homeschool family attendance reports are incorrect or incomplete.