Early Education Student

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) is introducing new student identification process for children registered in Early Childhood Family Education and School Readiness (ECFE/SR). The purpose of the new system is to better understand children’s experiences prior to kindergarten.

The benefits to this work include extending existing practices in K-12, Early Childhood Screening, Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education to families registered in ECFE/SR. This will lead to improved policies at the national, state and local levels for children and families. New, secured web resources are available to assist organizations submitting student data.

Enter Early Education Student

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) is interested in demographic and related information about the children who participate in Early Childhood Family Education. The data helps the department improve program support to districts and outreach to families. The ECFE/School Readiness Participant Questionnaire for family participants is available in several languages. English  Arabic  Khmer  Laotian  Oromo  Russian  Serbo-Croatian  Somali  Spanish  Vietnamese

MDE is now accepting Superintendent Authorizations via the External User Access Recertification System.

Once both User Authorizations have been submitted, users will need to individually request access to both systems through their secure MDE Account. Access the manual  on how to create or modify an MDE Account.

To access the current schema file, please email Avisia Whiteman.
  •  - 4/15/14