Facilities Age and Square Footage Report

All K-12 independent and special school districts are required to submit information using the Facilities Age and Square Footage Report (accessible below). Login requires a district's four-digit district number and an assigned four-digit password. This same password is also used for accessing the Health and Safety system.

Districts are required to annually review and update the district’s inventory of buildings prior to the beginning of each calendar year. This data is necessary to calculate the operating capital portion of general education revenue under Minnesota Statutes, section 126C.10, and long-term facilities maintenance revenue under Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.595, for qualifying districts. The data is used to calculate aids and levies for operating capital and long-term facilities maintenance, as well as to calculate district’s finance code 352 health and safety budget on a biennium basis.

A memo is sent to superintendents, with instructions, when the submission window is open.

> Enter the Facilities Age and Square Footage Report.
  •  - 10/15/20