Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Data Submission System is used by independent school districts with a school board approved long-term facilities maintenance revenue (LTFM) ten year plan. School districts enter project estimates totaled by health and safety finance code for those projects qualifying for funding under Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.57, subdivision 6. The LTFM ten year plan must also be approved by the commissioner.

Allowable projects address physical hazard control; hazardous substance cleanup and disposal; environmental health, safety, and environmental management; asbestos abatement; fire and life safety; and indoor air quality related projects in buildings owned or being acquired by the school district. Finance code totals are used in the “hold harmless” levy calculation for LTFM revenue.  Health and Safety projects costing $100,000 or more for asbestos, fire safety, and indoor air quality must be entered separately as they generate additional LTFM revenue.

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